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Balconies Ravago_A® for better quality building design

Balconies Ravago_A® Normal offer an ideal solution for balcony railings constructed from metal painted in a dark grey colour, which have been designed so that Trespa ® Metiom® filler panels can be fitted. The big advantage of these filler panels is because of the suitability of the structure they remain flat in all seasons. Throughout the year the user has no need to worry.

Very simple to erect for the first time and also during renovation

When building, the metal structure balcony railings are very easily and quickly mounted to the top of the reinforced concrete slab with different brackets and fixtures. This saves the user a lot of time.

When you are renovating, however, you can attach the metal framework to the concrete slab at the side or at the bottom. So you will be able to finish the work quickly and easily and above all without undue complications.

The advantages of the balconies Ravago_A®

  • Two colours (light grey and sand) are offered as standard, and are always available. This means that customers can finish construction very quickly without any undue delays.

  • Balconies Ravago_A® are expanding their range and can offer you a choice of different balcony construction materials and filler panels. In addition you will also be able to have the metal framework painted black if you wish, and choose between rustproof structures and filler panels with different colours from, Trespa® Meteon® and Meteon® Inspiration®.

  • A very long life expectancy and excellent weather resistance so that your balcony will have long-term durability in different weather conditions without any special maintenance.

  • High chemical resistance which makes the filler panels easy to clean with different cleaners and solvents, which will allow you to work much faster and without any problems.

Balconies Ravago_A® have put in an application for STS - Slovene Technical Standard at ZAG, Ljubljana (Institute for Civil Engineering).

* – indicates the brand TRESPA INTERNATIONAL BV

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